Things We’ve Just Noticed #1: The X-Men Posters

As you may remember, we got in a bit of a tizzy a few weeks ago about the distinctly odd posters which have been turning up in advance of the release of X-Men: First Class. Things started relatively well with some glowy and exciting future water reflections business, but who could forget the twisted horror that was CrotchFace? It’s been a bumpy ride, sho’nuff.

But this morning, everything changed. As we were skipping idly through Google Image, looking for someone to mash up, we came across an image which throws X-Men: First Class‘ charmingly reflect-y posters into a sharp new focus – a focus of plagiarism and stealiness and Bryan-Singer-you-bastard-pathy. And other things of that nature. Have another look at the X-Men posters, then keep scrolling down…

That’s right – we’ve scribbled on Magneto. He disgusts us.

And you’re not getting away with it either, Professor – that chair might get you a priority space on the train, but it don’t wash with the Best For Film Intellectual Copyright Commandos (BFFICC)! Check this shit out.

OH, SNAP! That’s right – Mannequin Skywalker was rocking the ‘reflection revealing a different, darker future self in a homoerotic costume’ thing back in, like, 2005 (can’t be bothered to check). And Robin Williams was doing it in Hook in the EIGHTIES! You may have a topless fly girl who spits acid onto her food, X-Men, but you’d better shape up.

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