24: The Movie?

Not content with conquering the world of TV, it seems like our favourtie permanently frowning hero Jack Bauer is set to take on the big screen. Watch out world. Bauer is coming for you, and his time management is frighteningly accurate.

Studio Twentieth Century Fox has picked up a pitch from Billy Ray, writer of State of Play, who we reckon is a pretty good shout to bring the essence of the 24 series to to bright lights of Hollywood. Thankfully star Kiefer Sutherland has also climbed on-board, as we’re not sure a 24 film without him would go down particularly well with fans.

So what’s the story? Well the team are keeping understandably quiet for now, but we can report that the film would see Jack baur travelling to Europe, presumably to ruffle some god-damned English feathers and show them the BAUR way of living (i.e a significantly more violent way of living.)

If the film is made, executives will seek to hold on to the original TV creative team that worked on the series, so hopefully that will ensure that quality never drops. So are you ready for an epic-length 24? Maybe they’ll call it 48, then we’ll really be confused. But hey, it’s Jack feakin’ Bauer, you never know what that crazy mofo is going to turn round and hit you with.

24:The Movie, a good idea, or a flop waiting to happen? Let us know below!

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