A New Del Toro Movie… And It’s A Rom-Com!

20th Century Fox have purchased the movie rights to Jane Heller’s novel An Ex To Grind, and top romantic comedy actress Cameron Diaz and award-guzzling Benicio Del Toro are set to star. The chick-lit novel tells the story of a washed out star athlete (Del Toro) who used to support his waitress wife, but now that his career is over and she’s a success, she has to support him. She decides to give him the boot, but discovers that if she did she’d have to pay him a massive alimony, so she plots to have him go off with another woman instead (and hilarity ensues, presumably).

While Diaz is an old hand at romance, comedies and indeed romantic comedies, the idea of Del Toro in a rom-com just seems odd to us here at Best for Film. But mind you, it can’t be much worse than those Magnum adverts he’s in on TV at the moment. From playing Che Guevara to promoting ice cream to rom-com? That’s a pretty poor career trajectory, Benicio!

Looking forward to this new Cameron Diaz movie? Let us know below!

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