Men In Black are back!

Though we’ve known Will Smith has been up for Men in Black 3 for a while now, we can confirm that our favourite crinkly-faced alien blaster Tommy Lee Jones is also on board. It just wouldn’t have been the same without him.

We’d heard rumours that Tommy’s potential replacements included Josh Brolin and Sacha Baron Cohen – fine actors by all accounts, but dammit, not what we wanted. Tommy Lee or bust. We’re not really sure why we suddenly feel this burst of well-being when it comes to MIB 3 – considering the road accident that was Men In Black 2 – but maybe we’re just naive souls desperate for the glory days of the original.

No word on the plot yet (not that we’re expecting massive surprises in the blasty-alieny genre), but we do know that Sony are looking for a May 2011 release. So a while to wait yet. Please, oh please Gods of film, make this one good.

Optimistic about MIB 3? Let us know below!

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