Admission trailer arrives.

Tina Fey and Paul Rudd – two of the biggest comedy stars in the Hollywood solar system right now. It seems as though they might be dying stars as a new trailer has arrived for their latest film… and no one anywhere seems to have heard of it. Famed for their quick wits and often lowbrow humour, Admission seems to be a more sombre affair. If Tina Fey or Paul Rudd aren’t your thing, Admission stars the magnificent Wallace Shawn. Which might be the only good reason to watch the film at all…

Admission is about Portia (Fey) an admissions officer at Princeton who goes to visit a New Hampshire school looking for potential students to enroll at her college. Whilst there she meets old school pal, John (Rudd), who introduces her to a troubled but potentially brilliant candidate. The twist? John believes this student might be Portia’s long lost child who she gave up at birth after accidentally getting pregnant when she was younger. Yeah, we didn’t see that one coming either.

Perhaps Admission is just one of those weird films which doesn’t cut well into a trailer. Or perhaps the whole thing is just a bit rubbish. It is a bit too soon to say. What ever happened to Paul Rudd? When he was in Romeo + Juliet we always wondered why Claire Danes went off with mopey romantic Leonardo DiCaprio when Rudd seemed like such a nice sweet guy. Definitely one you could bring home to your mother. Well, back then at least. After getting ditched by Juliet he decided to go off and marry Phoebe from Friends and things all started to go downhill from there…

But we digress. Admission looks so poor that at the moment there is no confirmed release date here in the UK… that’s really not a good sign.

Expert on Paul Rudd’s career? Please tell us where it went so wrong for him below.

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