Di Caprio To Star As Jack Frost

No one who watched Titanic could forget the image of Leo Di Caprio sinking to his icy death. It seems that now, there’s no fear of any of us forgetting that picture.

Leo is to star in a new animated feature The Guardians as Jack Frost, the traditional folk-lore bringer of ice. He’s joined on an epic mission by other characters such as North (a Father Christmas type), Bunnymund (The Easter Bunny) Tooth (The Tooth fairy) and Sandy (The Sandman).

The story is based on an upcoming series of books by William Joyce, about the battle between good and evil in children’s folklore. The crack team of chocolate and money givers above must band together to fight the evil Pitch (the Boogeyman) for the fate of children everywhere. Leo is the only big star to confirm his commitment so far, but with Big Dog Di Caprio on board, others are bound to follow.

We’ve a while to wait though, the first book isn’t going to be released until winter 2010, and the film has a tentative due date of Nov 2012. Still, that gives us a lot of time to ponder the rest of the casting. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the Tooth Fairy? Billy Crystal as the wise-cracking Easter Bunny? Only time will tell….

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