Fan-Made LOTR Prequel Is Internet Sensation

Well, talk about something to do in your spare time.

British actress Kate Madison is such a massive fan of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy that she spent six years and her life-savings making a prequel, a film entitled Born Of Hope. The film cost £25,000 to make, mere pocket change in comparison to Peter Jackson’s $200 million budget, and rather than trekking to New Zealand to make it, she filmed the entire thing in East Anglia.

What makes this story all the more brilliant is that we’ve watched the trailer, and well, it’s actually pretty bloody good. Like, really. The film itself has exploded onto YouTube, with over 500,000 people watching the whole thing, leaving thousands of positive comments, some even stating that Kate’s offering is better than Jackson’s. A claim at least worth investigating, surely?

We’ve not sat through all of Born Of Hope yet, but we’re certainly going to give it a try. For now, give the trailer a little watch. Evidently, it doesn’t have the epic cinematic punch of the trilogy, but hey, for £25,000 we are thoroughly impressed! Kate, you have a career in budget-epics ahead of you.

Reckon you could do better? Yeah us too… in a way. Let us know your thought below!

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