James Franco joins Stallone's new project

We all know the legendary stories about Stallone writing Rocky. He had to sell his beloved dog because he was so poor, but bought it back when he finally sold the script. Blah, Blah. Who knows whether it is all true or not, but the stories made us like Stallone even more. We’re not so sure that this latest offering from the boxing beefcake has quite the same emotional back story, but it sure has a lot of hunky dudes lined up.

Ok, Franco isn’t all that hunky in the traditional sense, but he is a bit more alluring when he plays a bad guy, and our luck is in this time around! Not since Spiderman (the ancient version) has Franco tapped into his dark side, but he has agreed now to take on the persona of an evil Meth tycoon (with bad teeth we’re guessing) in Homefront alongside Jason Statham (how does that guy keep getting work?) who will be the film’s heroic lead. Statham will play an ex-DEA agent who moves with his young family into a new town, but something from his past won’t let him rest…

According to the film’s producer Avi Lerner ‘Sly’s script is fantastic’. Good to know! But since Stallone is also producing one does have to say nice things about one’s colleagues (although we here at BFF wouldn’t know anything about that. Douches the lot of em’). Still, Stallone managed to get two big names interested so maybe it could be good?

Nah, we don’t think so either…

Production begins in Meth Central, New Orleans this September. http://credit-n.ru/microzaymi-blog-single.html http://credit-n.ru/potreb-kredit.html

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