River Phoenix’s ‘lost film’ to be released

Teen icon River Phoenix made fifteen films. BUT only fourteen were ever released. FACT.

When he died in 1993, Phoenix was eleven days short of completing his last film Dark Blood, the story of a young hermit who lives on a nuclear testing site and makes dolls as he awaits the end of the world.

Now director George Sluizer (best known for directing the brilliant French/Dutch film The Vanishing and then its execrable English-language remake) has said that Dark Blood will finally be released in 2012, nineteen years after it was shot. Ingenious editing and the use of River’s little brother Joaquin Phoenix as a voiceover artist will apparently allow the film to be seamlessly completed, and we confidently expect it to be gushed over by the sort of people who think that accidentally dying before you make any dreadful films means you’re a MAGIC MAN.

That said, we’re very interested.

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