Robert Downey Jr sprains ankle!

It looks like The Expendables and Red might be getting another pensioner to join their ranks very soon as Robert Downey Jr’s body begins to fail him. The action star has done hims ankle a nasty injury whilst on set filming Iron Man 3. Still it could have been worse…it could have been a hip. It looks like Tony Stark might have to employ the use of a walking stick to help him out a bit. But if anyone can make it look red hot, Downey Jr can!

There are not too many details about how Downey came a cropper (probably because he is too embarrassed), all we do know is that it happened in North Carolina where filming is taking place. The ankle injury means that shooting has been suspended whilst he makes a full recovery. We must admit that we are slightly confused as we thought that Iron Man’s armour was meant to stop these kind of things from happening? Don’t tell us it’s all FAKE?! We’re hoping that he just fell down the stairs or something. Sorry Jr but we can’t bear for the magic to be broken. Or for your ankle to be either…

Even with the delay to the shooting schedule, Iron Man 3 is still aiming for its release date of 26th April next year. Come on Robert, get better soon!

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