A Stiff Upper Lip

It could be that as an afficionado of facial hair you already sport a glorious moustache, be it Handlebar, French Fork, Docktail, Mutton Chops or Old Dutch (or any of a myriad of beautiful-sounding hirsute works of art). Then again, perhaps the closest you’ve ever come to moustache obssession is by participating in Movember, the month previously known as November in which clean-shaven gentlemen challenge themselves to grow a moustache in thirty days on behalf of charity. Certainly, unless you have a moustache, you’ve probably never given them much thought. ‘Tis time to reconsider your stance on the moustache!

Selected to screen at a number of international film festivals, A Stiff Upper Lip charts the progress of a clean-shaven Essex lad, David Hill, as he goes from naysayer to proud possessor of a glorious handlebar moustache. Not only that, he must ready himself for the greatest challenge of life: Aided by his hairy mentors at the Windsor Castle’s Handlebar Club, David must go head to head with the world’s moustache champions.

The only reason, really, that Dave Hill got involved in the first place was that the 2007 World Moustache And Beard Championship was being held in his hometown. But the strangest synchronicities can lead us to our purest passions. Dave discovered a wonderful and slightly bristly world of jolly decency and manners. Will you join him on his journey?

A Stiff Upper Lip isn’t the longest documentary in the world, but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in charm.

If you are planning to grow a Movember moustache and find yourself in need of inspiration, order yourself a copy of A Stiff Upper Lip. Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk… and let your moustache do the talking.

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