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  • Stephen Fry and the Christmas Chasm of Doom

    Mike Leigh has confounded all expectations by coming up with a multi-billion pound lump of shit with a real chasm splitting the middle of England and flying dwarves. One can only assume that… actually, no. Best assume nothing. To produce this grand guignol of nonsense, humanity must have been very, very bad.

  • Rudolf’s Revenge

    What was a warm Disneyesque concept becomes a violent ecological nightmare in the hands of director Tony Scott in this animated adventure for kids and adults alike – but mostly for adults

  • Octomadonna

    “A rollicking JudeoChristian comedy!”
    When single career woman Mary Beth Leham decides she wants to be a mom, she goes to the local fertility clinic, little does she know that under the influence of fertility drugs producing dozens of eggs for IVF she is going to be visited by the Holy Ghost! Its not one little miracle, its a full menorah!

  • Harry Potter and the Film Event of the Generation

    With Harry Potter apparating back into screens next weekend with seventh instalment The Deathly Hallows Part I, Best for Film have endeavoured to catch you up to speed in terms of both the onscreen saga to date as well as the recent promotional campaign. Marketed as ‘The Motion Picture Event Of A Generation’, we would hate for anyone to miss out on either this phenomenal cinematic achievement or the expertly orchestrated promotional propaganda which is preceding it. Now, where did I leave my Quick Quotes Quill?

  • Guy Fawkes Movies: 5 films we demand to see

    Hurrah for the bloody goriness that is Guy Fawkes day! A proud, dastardly time indeed in our national history, and a great excuse to give children some fire to mess around with. So considering the film world is usually so ready and willing to hijack our most exciting tales, our question is, where are the films to accompany Bonfire Night?

  • Across The Street, Around The World Festival: The New Blaxploitation?

    When the film Adulthood was released in UK cinemas in June 2008, its opening weekend grossed more money than the freshly released Sex and the City. In the wake of its success, a spate of new and gritty urban films has been drawing audiences to cinemas in increasing numbers, with films such as Shank and Dead Man Running bringing new vigor to the UK film industry. Despite their success, though, the issue of black representation is never far away. With a panel debate titled “The New Blaxploitation?” taking place as a part of London’s Across the Street, Around the World festival, Best For Film went to investigate.

  • The Real Band of Brothers – DVD

    Tracing the history of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division, best known to many as the company of soldiers portrayed in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, this three part documentary series relives the do-or-die missions of the paratroop regiment that played a key role from World War II through to Vietnam. Featuring dramatic testimony from the men who were there and using rare footage from the Division’s own film archives, The Real Band of Brothers offers a captivating inside view of armed conflict – but the lack of a firm relation to the Steven Spielberg tele-drama may leave some viewers disappointed.