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  • Safety Not Guaranteed

    This sweet little indie comedy, directed by newcomer Colin Trevorrow, is a rather slight but occasionally poignant film that has some interesting things to say about life, love and loss. But in never quite committing to its central concept, and thus squandering its true potential, Safety Not Guaranteed falls somewhat short of the mark.

  • Funny People

    It’s always a bit awkward when Adam Sandler tries a serious role, so when viewing this comedy-drama in which he plays a successful comedian coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis, we approached with caution. Sandler actually proves his chops as an emerging dramatic actor well, and Seth Rogen is equally capable in support as the struggling amateur comic who Sandler decides to mentor. Naturally, the pairing of these two giants of the genre along with the equally impressive Judd Apatow as writer/director delivers a load of laughs, but a lack of balance in the script as a whole means it’s not as good as it could be.