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  • Top 10 Balltastic Films

    Do you like films with balls in them? Well it’s your lucky day, friend/cinematic ball devotee. Today marks the release of baseball biopic Moneyball and in honour of this occasion, BFF has compiled a list of the Top Ten Film Titles Containing the Word “Ball”/the Top Ten Balltastic Films. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a load of balls.

  • Let The Bullets Fly

    If, like me, you’ve never really got into Westerns, perhaps what you need to win you round is an Eastern. Jiang Wen’s frenetic, action-packed romp through cinematic and cultural cliché takes no prisoners, dispensing bullets and dark humour in every direction. It’s just… stupid, quite a lot of the time. Really quite stupid.

  • Friday Drinking Game #11 – Pirates of the Caribbean

    To celebrate the brief few days between the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and its inevitable box office flop, we thought we’d channel the very muckiest of Captain Jack Sparrow’s rum-guzzling habits and settle you down for an evening of alcoholism on the high seas. Avast, where be that Babycham?