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  • The Awakening

    A professionally sceptic author is called upon to expose the mystery of a ghost in a post-WWI boys school. Spookiness naturally occurs and soon we’re treated to an atmospherically compelling (if somewhat less than innovative) creepfest, full to the brim of half-seen spooky children and wandering around in the dark as it heads towards its somewhat disappointing climax.

  • Johnny English Reborn

    Say what you like about the Big Society, we’re undoubtedly a nation built on Rowan Atkinson’s eyebrows. A paper-thin, utterly ridiculous and guiltily enjoyable romp through MI7’s most unlikely adventures – Johnny English Reborn would be nonsense if it weren’t in such safe hands.

  • Centurion

    Watching Neil Marshall’s Centurion is a bit like riding to work on a pack of angry squirrels; it’s not the most efficient of journeys, dear God it’s violent, but there’s no denying that it’s also damn enjoyable.

  • Preview: Centurion

    Thanks to some excellent blagging (and no small amount of sexual favours) we at Best For Film are off to the Centurion premiere in Leicester Square this Sunday. But before we can tell you how it was, we might as well fill you in on what it’s all about.