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  • Lovely, Still

    Christmas was months ago but with the arrival of Nik Fackler’s film Lovely, Still, the holiday feel is still present. Bring your Kleenex, the film’s like The Notebook but for the older person.

  • Top 10 (pseudo) porn flicks about actual porn

    Once upon a time there was porn – good, ole’ fashioned, plotless porn that seemed destined to forever roam the private nether-regions of the entertainment industry alone. But smut desperately desired to be taken seriously, and Hollywood needed a harder…edge. It took one dexterous stroke of genius to bring the two concepts to simultaneous, mainstream fruition, and it wasn’t Sheen the Machine, nor was it one night misspent in Paris, but instead the reflexively novel idea of making films about (porno) films…

  • The Next Three Days

    Russell Crowe uses the thin veil of circumstance to justify stomping about, shouting in various coats and getting all emotion-chinned in the utterly mad The Next Three Days. According to the posters, it co-stars Liam Neeson. He’s in one scene. Rats, sinking ship, anyone?