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  • Disney’s new project: Gargoyles!

    As people whose childhoods were made up entirely of watching cartoons in darkened rooms, we’re always happy to know that our tender years was not utterly, utterly wasted. Disney has decided to adapt their glorious 90s cartoon series Gargolyes into a feature-film, and frankly, we’ve never felt more knowledgable (who’s life is pointless now, mum?)

  • Transformers 3D: Revenge Of James Cameron?

    Oh dear. Another franchise bows its head in grudging respect to the new world run by James Cameron and his voodoo. After being adamant last year that the Transformers films wouldn’t go 3D, director Michael Bay has been under major pressure from Universal to change his mind following the never-ending success of Avatar. Another one bites the beautifully pixilated dust.