Disney’s new project: Gargoyles!

As people whose childhoods were made up entirely of watching cartoons in darkened rooms, we’re always happy to know that our tender years were not utterly, utterly wasted. Disney have decided to adapt their glorious 90s cartoon series Gargoyles into a feature-film, and frankly, we’ve never felt more knowledgeable (who’s life is pointless now, mum?)

Gargoyles was an excessively brilliant cartoon set in New York city, following a group of rag-tag stone gargoyles as they saved the world from various Bad Shit. I know, right? It gets better. Released from an ancient Scottish curse by some sky-scraper based small print (no really), Goliath and his gargoyle crew spend their days chilling out in stone suits atop a tall building in the Big Apple. But by night… they rise! And start SAVING OUR ASSES.

Following the success of franchises such as Transformers, and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, it makes sense that Disney are sniffing about for more lucrative cartoon material. And frankly, we approve. For those who wasted their childhoods “making friends” and “absorbing sunlight” the cartoon trailer is below. Go Gargoyles! Go!

Are you as up for this as we are? Let us know…

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