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  • 3D or not 3D – that is the question

    What an incredible age we live in! Chemical-filled snacks are readily available on delivery at obscene hours of the morning, social networking has become a national sport and now we can even watch movies in three glorious dimensions. But with the great power of 3D comes great responsibility – so has anyone yet managed to rise up and use it to good effect? Or is it just about making an extra couple of quid per person at the cinema? So far it’s pretty much been the latter – but for every shocker there’s been one to come along and blow the rest out of the 3D piranha-infested waters…

  • 3D in cinema? Again? Get ready for Shark Night 3D!

    The Hollywood assault upon 3D cinema looks set to continue unabated (this time with added bite) as former stuntman David R. Ellis announces that he has signed up to direct forthcoming horror film Shark Night 3D. The title, which leaves little to the imagination, will no doubt be looking to avoid comparisons with the film so bad that the use of 3D in cinema was shelved for 20 years, 1983’s universally-panned Jaws 3-D.

  • Avatar 2 and 3?

    James Cameron, director of blockbuster mega-hit Avatar, has confirmed that he wants to turn the franchise into a trilogy. To be fair, considering that the film has so far grossed $1.4 billion so far world-wide, financially the idea makes a lot of sense. But for those of us with devestating memories of diaster sequels that have tainted the memories of truly brilliant first films, we can’t help but be on our guard.