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  • Paranormal Activity 2

    The original Paranormal Activity was a great revisionist horror. Adapting Val Lewton’s classic less is more philosophy, the film dealt in suspense rather than cheap pay-offs, in drama rather than violence and in fear rather than gore. In short, it worked because the audience cared about the characters and didn’t know what was coming next. Wanna take a guess at why the sequel fails?

  • Original Cast Back For Paranormal 2?

    Apparently, star of indie-horror-hit Paranormal Activity Micah Sloat is in talks to return to the sequel, which begins filming this year. For everyone who’s watched Paranormal, this may come as rather a surprise. For those who haven’t and want to, it’s probably best you ignore that last statement.

  • Paranormal Activity

    You know us, at BestForfilm, right? Well, we’re hard, we are. Proper nails, us lot. Steely determination, nerves like copper wire, and a mind like a steel trap. Takes a lot for us to sit up and take note of a horror film, let alone have us squealing like jessies and jumping out of our seats. Will Paranormal Activity, the much hyped-shocker in the “found footage” genre, really be something new, or is it all bumf in the night?