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  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    Ben Stiller feels a bit old-hat in Hollywood terms now. Now it’s all Gosling this and Fassbender that, the days of the Frat Pack seem a distant memory, and indeed, you’d be unlikely to see anyone getting excited over a new Stiller movie, particularly a remake of a 1947 film starring Danny Kaye. However, The…

  • Young Adult

    Charlize Theron is on deliciously caustic form in dark comedy Young Adult; a tale of one woman’s desperate addiction to the life she no longer has. It may be that the script never quite matches the brilliance of the star, but with Theron’s horrible anti-heroine leading every scene its easy to stop worrying, sit back and sink into pure unadultered squirm.

  • All Roads Lead Home

    DISCLAIMER: This film is A Film About Animals on Farms. If you’re a young girl, and you still think being a vet involves magically making animals better all the time, you’ll love it (and I hope your parents are strictly monitoring your internet use). Everyone else: avoid All Roads Lead Home. Avoid it like it’s a sow coughing loudly circa 2009.