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  • Johnny English Reborn

    Say what you like about the Big Society, we’re undoubtedly a nation built on Rowan Atkinson’s eyebrows. A paper-thin, utterly ridiculous and guiltily enjoyable romp through MI7’s most unlikely adventures – Johnny English Reborn would be nonsense if it weren’t in such safe hands.

  • Johnny English Part 2 – Resumption of Rowan Atkinson hell?

    In news that is set to send shudders through the spines of cinema-goers everywhere, Universal have confirmed that they are preparing the sequel to 2003’s Johnny English, tentatively titled Johnny English 2. Starring Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English 2 will see the resumption of the adventures of Britain’s least favourite spy hero, as Universal attempt to steer away from adult-skewing serious movies in favour of light-hearted comedy.