Johnny English Part 2 – Resumption of Rowan Atkinson hell?

In news that is set to send shudders through the spines of cinema-goers everywhere, Universal have confirmed that they are preparing the sequel to 2003’s Johnny English, tentatively titled Johnny English 2. Starring Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English 2 will see the resumption of the adventures of Britain’s least favourite spy hero, as Universal attempt to steer away from adult-skewing serious movies in favour of light-hearted comedy.

If this news isn’t bad enough, Universal have enlisted Mr. Bean’s Holiday writer Hamish McColl to pen the script and St. Trinian’s director Oliver Parker to orchestrate the madness. Jeeeeez.

Shooting is touted to start this August, with no word yet on a release date (although we can assure you that whatever the day it does come out, we’ll all be washing our hair that day).

Have you spent the last 7 years pining for Johnny English part 2 or are you as disgusted as us by this catastrophic news? Let us know below…

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