Johnny English 2 gets new trailer. It doesn’t help.

GOD. We’ve already done all the angry grieving we need to do about the desperately unnecessary Johnny English sequel, but the second trailer just can’t go undevastated. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, ROSAMUND PIKE? WE’VE TALKED ABOUT THIS.

A film apparently bent on destroying all happy memories we have of Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English 2 not only uses all the jokes we saw in Johnny English (OH IT’S THE BAD MAN, OH NO WAIT ITS A LITTLE OLD LADY, STOP JOHNNY STOP) as well as jokes rejected from the Austin Powers series, but manages to make us actively dislike actors we know are good. That’s just not fair. Just watch the below, and sharpen your bellowing voice:

OW. OW my knowledge of the past.

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