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  • Upstream Color

    Full disclosure – you almost certainly won’t quite understand Upstream Color’s narrative while you’re watching it. We didn’t; we had a grip on about 40%, at a push. The berk behind us, who loudly exclaimed “UH YEAH I TOTALLY GOT ALL OF IT” to a girl who was trying to climb deep inside her Blackberry?…

  • Top 10 Time Travel Movies that Feature Assholes

    If time travel is ever made possible (spoiler! It won’t be) we’d like to think that we could overcome our urges to start messing around with the fabric of reality. We certainly wouldn’t be tempted to do anything noble, where you try to avert a tragedy and save gazillions of lives, like killing Baby Hitler. No, no, here at Best For Film it’s likely our motives would be much more base. Winning the lottery comes to mind. Or going back 5 minutes and scratching our backs in juuust the right place.