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  • The Book Of Eli: DVD Review

    It’s always a risk when film-makers decide to try and attach heavily religious messages to blockbusters, and it doesn’t get more heavy-handed than in The Book Of Eli. Sadly, this post-apocalyptic story of one man’s quest to bring Jesus-based enlightenment to a wretched humanity comes off as what it is; a sermon with added guns.

  • Solomon Kane

    Back in that popular epic – the Bible, the character of Solomon (son of David and King of Israel) is known throughout the land for his wisdom. Sadly, the only thing noticeable about Solomon Kane, the star of Michael J Bassett’s historical action adventure, is how unnaturally white his teeth are.

  • Year One

    Jack Black and Michael Cera go through the motions in this pre-historic comedy. The touch of producer Judd Apatow is clear to see, but sadly this film lacks the magic of his classics such as The 40 Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up. Instead, we are treated to an hour and a half of poo jokes, Jack Black’s comedy faces and a rambling trip around the bible. We deserve better than this.