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  • Across The Street, Around The World Festival: Best of the West

    Our coverage of the Across the Street, Around the World Festival continues with a look at the Best of the West, an event that celebrates West London’s rich filmmaking history and the part it has played in the progression of black British representation. The main event? A special screening of Horace OvĂ©’s 1987 TV comedy, Playing Away, followed by an interview session with both the man himself and young British filmmaker, Kolton Lee.

  • Will Smith to make Justin Bieber movie. This is your life.

    Creepy, shmoozing teenager, Justin Bieber is not only taking over the radio waves but he’s all spread his sacharine smile on our screens too. He’s chatting to his new mate, Will Smith who must have been charmed by Bieber’s innocence (he doesn’t fool me, he knows exactly what he’s doing) and has decided to make a film based on Bieber’s life. What life?? Isn’t he like twelve??? What could he have done with his life? I’m hoping for a 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Trying type thing.