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  • The Gatekeepers

    Oscar-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers is nothing short of fascinating, with six former heads of the Shin Bet giving a unique account of combating terrorism in Israel during each of their stints as leader. In a similar fashion to The Fog of War, The Gatekeepers is a highly intriguing insight into what was, until now, a hugely hidden world.

  • Top 10 Clone Films

    With news from Harvard that we may soon be cloning an authentic Neanderthal (if the scientists can find ‘an enthusiastic female’ to impregnate), we got to thinking about films that have featured clones over the years. The list below should be a top ten, but has become a Top 10 + 2, presumably because a process of cloning clone films and unintentionally breeding new ones has also been occurring without our knowledge. Either way, here is our top 10 (+2) clone films. Enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy….

  • Searching For Sugar Man

    Releasing two classic albums in the early seventies to minor critical acclaim but non-existent commercial success in the US, reclusive singer-guitarist Rodriguez became something of a popular music myth. Examining his phenomenal popularity overseas and his music’s relative obscurity at home in the US, director Malik Bendjelloul goes in search of the story behind a man dubbed the ‘Mexican Bob Dylan.’