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  • Bella

    The subtle, unexpectedly deft début feature from Alejandro Gomez Monteverde combines big themes with a New York slice-of-life approach that manages to charm and intrigue, accompanied by three commendable central performances.

  • The Fighter

    Boxing drama The Fighter stomps all over Million Dollar Baby in its epic portrayal of Micky Ward and his rise from Massachusetts nobody to WBU champion.

  • Dawn of Evil: Rise of the Reich

    The pure range of emotions one experiences when watching Dawn of Evil: Rise of the Reich!
    Shock, disgust, hilarity and awe all flit among the shadowy recesses of your mind in this ‘biopic’ of a young Adolf Hitler, which manages to be both stupid, and offensive.

  • Extraordinary Measures

    It’s always a bit of a struggle to have an unbiased opinion of a film based on a heartbreaking true story. We wanted to feel inspired by Extrordinary Measures, but try as we might, there’s just no getting around the fact that this is schmaltzy, made-for-tv rubbish, with two pretty dull performances from leads Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser. Sorry. Now down to hell we go.