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  • Justified Season 1

    US Marshall Raylan Givens brings wild west- style justice back to rural Kentucky in this excellent series from FX. Tense, action-packed and with great performances from its cast, the high rating on this review is certainly Justified.

  • Skins the movie?

    E4 producers have today confirmed that one of their most popular shows – Skins – will be turning the show into a big screen motion picture. Inordinately attractive teens everywhere rejoice!

  • Sex and the City 2 trailer hits the web

    As Sarah Jessica Parker and co prepare themselves for a return to the silver screen this summer, Universal have kindly gone and released a brand-spanking new Sex and the City 2 trailer. Following on from 2008’s massively successful Sex and the City, this summer’s most anticipated must-see chick flick sees the continuation of the fab foursome’s New York escapades.

  • Bridget Jones: The TV Show?

    Last week NBC Universal International and Working Title announced they were moving into TV production with new joint venture Working Title Television. They plan to make TV adaptations of Working Title’s library of more than 90 theatrical releases, which includes the Bridget Jones movies, Billy Elliot, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Shaun of the Dead