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  • So Undercover

    Imagine if Miss Congeniality had a bastard lovechild with 21 Jump Street and instead of the bastard lovechild having the face of Amanda Bynes it had the face of Miley Cyrus and the bastard lovechild was nursed and raised by Veronica Mars and you know, the thing where she’s a tomboy teenager and there’s the evil blonde girl and oh no! someone falls over and the guy is hot and oh my god oh my god this is super cute. Welcome to So Undercover.

  • Orlando Bloom To Be A Doctor

    ….In his next film, at least. Having turned down the role of Will ‘as boring as a dead crab’ Turner in the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film, we’ve been wondering what will fill the void. And apparently it’ll beplaying a pyschopathic doctor in a new indie film written by Veronica Mars creator John Embom. At least it’ll give him a chance to be upstaged by someone other than Johnny Depp.