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  • Escape Plan

    Stallone and Schwarzenegger together in the same film is never a bad thing, however it doesn’t exactly raise the bar in the action genre. The good thing about Escape Plan is that it never pretends to be anything more than what it is: two action legends beating the snot out of each other and blowing…

  • Fire With Fire

    Bruce Willis waves goodbye to integrity and for some reason takes on a very minor, very pointless role in Fire With Fire – the type of film you make do with on a Friday night when nothing else is on, or get recommended after having watched Cop Out (mistakenly) on Netflix. While there are some decent performances, the majority of the action – along with the film – is forgettable.

  • Parked

    This glum tale of homelessness and drug addiction in Dublin features strong performances from its leads, but is let down by an overbearing soundtrack and a predictably worthy storyline. Also, clock metaphors, clock metaphors everywhere I turn!