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  • Cheat Sheet: Sir Ian McKellen

    A national treasure, a gay icon, a Shakespearean behemoth, a level 4 magnetic mutant and Mithrandir himself, Sir Ian McKellen is one of the greatest actors of all time. At the age of 73, our 5 foot 11 inches undertaker continues to astound, most recently in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Did you know that Sir Ian attended Cambridge University where he studied English, and that he only got a 2:2? NO!? Then you’d better read our Ian McKellen Cheat Sheet!

  • Sir Ian mistaken for a tramp

    So whilst rehearsing for his production of Waiting For Godot in Melbourne, Sir Ian Mckellen nipped outside for some air, sat down and was mistaken for a homeless man by a passerby. That’s the acting power of Sir Ian for you; even when he’s not acting, he literally is