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  • Top 10 Reasons Not To Land On The Moon

    The unseen footage from Apollo 18, which is released today, will give us historically accurate and scientifically verifiable accounts of why we never returned to the moon. On top of the rock-solid evidence provided by Apollo 18, we have compiled a list of intergalactic calamity that should keep your lunar escapades at bay.

  • Life in Stop Motion Animation

    Stop motion animation is by far one of the most painstaking pursuits a film maker can employ to tell a story. Yet the industry maintains many big fans, none more famous than Tim Burton, who’s currently directing a stop motion remake of his second short film; a half-hour live action about a boy and his dog titled Frankenweenie. Best for Film got to chat to Steven Warne, one of the budding animators of Burton’s project, about his love of animation.

  • Nicolas Cage: a decade in dreadful films

    As the stage is set for another bloody awful year of Nicolas Cage releasing eight thousand crappy films, we thought we’d take you on a whistle-stop tour back through his entire demented oeuvre since the Millennium. Not suitable for readers who are sensitive to unpleasant hairstyles.

  • The 5 Lessons Hollywood Teaches Kids About Life

    There’s a lot to worry about when it comes to the delicate, supple young minds of our children. But rather than bubblewrapping the family computer and locking the shed, maybe we should look a bit deeper into what kids films tell our children about life. We’ve examined (in great, hasty detail) the classic films kids love to watch and we must say, the results are urine-inducing…