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  • Top 5 musicals that deserve big screen outings

    After the recent announcement that Tom Hooper, current king of the world after The King’s Speech Oscar success, has been linked to a big screen adaptation of long-running musical The Glums (sorry, Les Miserables), we thought we should cast a light on some other musicals waiting for a safe pair of cinematic hands to lead them gently into cinema screens near you

  • Our Top 10 Theatre picks for Movie Lovers

    Add to the magic of Christmas this year by taking in a show! For all you film lovers, we’ve handpicked the best movie inspired theatrical masterpieces currently showing in the capital. Why not put down your Christmas shopping, take the weight off your feet and lose yourself in one of these brilliant adaptations….

  • Fresh Perspective: movie bad guys speak out

    With the massive success of Wicked – the musical that tells The Wizard Of Oz from the Wicked Witch’s point of view, and the announcement that Disney plan to release a film about Malificent – the witch from Sleeping Beauty, it seems everyone wants to take a fresh look at an old tale. Screw the good guys, it’s all about the other side of the coin.