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  • WIN: 3 x 3Some DVDs!

    3SOME (rated 15) is a Spanish drama based on a love triangle of idealistic students who discover their menage a trois can’t survive in the real world. What price must we pay to satisfy our desires? We have 3 copies to give away! Competition ends 9 April 2011.

  • Waste Land

    Fancy a nice little documentary about the biggest trash dump in the world? Get ready for a Cinderella story with true grit, a wonderful cast and an improbably big heart…

  • 10 Best foreign films of 2010

    Here at Best For Film towers, we wish ‘foreign films’ weren’t labelled and segregated as such. But let’s bring those hidden gems out into the light. Here’s our list of the top 10 best foreign films in 2010!

  • Red & White

    A depiction of Indonesia’s struggle for independence in the 1940s, which will be of great interest if you’re into that kind of thing. For those of us that are a little hazy on post- WW2 colonial conflicts, this is still a film not without its charms; cheesy and creaky in some places but worth a look for those interested in world cinema.

  • World Cinema: A Rant

    Seasoned blogger and Best For Film freelancer Cal has a bone to pick with the sprawling industry which promotes and distributes film in the English-speaking world – namely, why is it so gosh-darned xenophobic? For too long has the huge variety of superb cinema produced in countries bereft of words like ‘bling’ and ‘slanket’ been lumped into one big unholy mélange of untrustworthy foreign muck under the euphemistic non-genre of ‘World Cinema’. Well, no longer! We’re standing up and saying NO to a system which thinks L’Illusionniste belongs alongside Emmanuelle.

  • Treeless Mountain

    So Yong Kim’s haunting drama Treeless Mountain, tells the story of two young sisters living with their single mother in South Korea. Six-year-old Jin and her sister four-year-old Bin, are sent to live with their evil aunt who has no maternal instincts before they go to visit their grandmother who lives on a remote farm far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Cinématon – You got a spare 155 hours?

    If you thought Gone With The Wind was long, then brace yourselves because Cinématon takes the biscuit. Later this month it will screened publicly for the first time in Avignon France before appearing across cinemas internationally. Now as much as we love films, we can’t think of anything worse than going to the cinema to watch a six day long silent movie.