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  • Bonded by Blood

    What do you mean you’ve never heard of the Essex Boys and the Rettendon murders? Are you trying to wind me up? Bonded By Blood is a true-blue British gangster film about the 1995 range rover killings. It’s “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the F**king Truth”, so round up the few lads you still trust and get yourself down the picture house. Now. You don’t get second chances round here. This is Essex…

  • Red, White and Blue

    Horror film stroke revenge drama Red White and Blue is a dark jewel; a cinematic feast of suspense and sleaze with an ending that, though shot off camera, leaves you speechless. Hell isn’t just you and your weird little brain. Hell is other people…

  • The Switch

    The Switch is arguably Jennifer Aniston’s best movie since The Good Girl. This no-surprises summer rom-com sells itself as “Jennifer Anniston turkey bastes herself a baby” – but if you don’t like rom coms then switch that with “gentle comedy about a shy man’s attempts to get to know his son” and then just don’t watch it. You weaselly genius!

  • Burning Bright

    There are 150,000 endangered tigers in the world – and one is in your house. Classy low-budget action thriller Burning Bright is more than just a tiger action movie. It’s a heartstopping ride with human interest and genuine surprises in store…

  • Angel-A

    A Paris outsider seeks to hurl himself off a bridge, buckling under the weight of a debt as huge as the chip on his shoulder. His plan is foiled by a mysterious Amazonian beauty who walks around changing his life and being tall. Is the allegory behind Angel-A as heavy-handed as its title suggests?