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  • Twilight fans take note! Meyer reveals new book

    Stephenie Meyer, author of the multi-million selling Twilight series, has undoubtedly induced a chorus of global teenage whooping with the announcement that she is to release another book – for free. However, the book is not a sequel to any of the preceding books in the series; it is a mere novella spin off.

  • Claudia Winkleman to weplace Jonathan Woss

    The Beeb have ended months of speculation and announced that Claudia Winkleman is to replace Jonathan Ross as the presenter of their flagship cinema show, Film 2010. The 38-year-old, who shot to national fame through her work on Stricly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, will start her new role in September.

  • ID4 back for more?

    So it turns out that, contrary to common belief, the world wasn’t entirely obliterated by alien attacks fourteen years ago. If the rumours emanating from Hollywood are believed to be true, it looks like Will Smith will be reprising the role of Captain Steven Hiller not once, but twice, as 20th Century Fox prepare to announce the sequels to 1996’s Independence Day.

  • Fish Tank

    An undeniably bleak snapshot of adolescence in ‘Broken Britain’, the critically acclaimed and BAFTA award-winning Fish Tank is a thoroughly captivating experience from start to finish. Centred upon the character of Mia Williams, Fish Tank offers much more than the usual gritty portrayal of teenage life in urban Britain.