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  • Short Film of the Week – Talk to Hoshuu!

    Sometimes it’s not all about the box office. Sometimes it’s not even all about film festivals and Cannes. Sometimes it’s about the glory of hobby film making, of quirky scripting and dragging uni friends to a lighthouse thingy to create a real-life Miyazaki-flavoured oddity. God bless ‘Mildly Interesting Films’!

  • Short Film of the Week: Spider

    Spider is a creepy-crawly urban tale from the talented director/stuntman Nash Edgerton (Star Wars, Matrix) who helped found the Oz film collective that brought you Animal Kingdom. Watch 9 minutes of needles, spiders and childish behaviour from grown-ups now…

  • Short Film of the Week – Fish!

    We’re always happy to check out a film short featuring not only a mermaid but a stunt mermaid, and not only a Keith but a Keith from The Office. We interview the twisty creators of Fish! (one of them was in Doctor Who you know) before they go and peddle their filmy flesh at Cannes 2011.

  • Short film of the week: Damn Your Eyes

    Damn Your Eyes is a Grindhouse Western about an eyeless badass cowboy who drinks goat’s milk and goes from town to town exacting bloody revenge on a past wrong. Creative swearing, smoke-filled saloons, Oedipal complexes and blood seeping into sawdust… what more could any Westploitation fan wish for?

  • Short film of the week: The Animalmen

    The Animalmen is an American French New Wave film seen through a mumblecore filter, a lovely, stylish look at the yearnings of today’s disaffected youth. It’s about 3 would-be revolutionaries and how rad their uprising would be… if only they had a cool group name.

  • Short Film Of The Week: Unfinished London

    It’s not often you find a documentary that’s simultaneously fascinating, hilarious and downright road-based. This week, we present Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler’s creation: Unfinished London. Hiding actual learnings in proper good comedy – this is the future of education (we hope)

  • Short Film of the Week: North West Five

    North West Five, is currently going to be screened at the Screentest Film Festival in London this month, and at the No Limits Film Festival in Sheffield next month, where it is nominated for Best Film and Best Cinematography. We get a sneek peak and quiz the director!