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  • Short Film of the Week: Neon Killer

    Benito Robinsoni rose to film short fame with grindhouse movie trailer Slash Hive. We caught him in between feature films (giallo slasher and supernatural cop movie) to froth over Neon Killer, a hilarious nod to the luridly graphic excess of 1970s Poliziotteschi movies. Enjoy every daft and glorious minute!

  • Short Film of the Week – The Commuter

    Remember when a visit to the pictures meant being treated to an eclectic 2D cabaret of newsreels and shorts before the feature even began? Nah, neither do we. But that doesn’t mean we don’t yearn for those halcyon days of cinematic variety, which is why we’re bringing you a new feature – one of our favourite short films, every single week. Simple really.

  • Short Film of the Week: Guaranteed Sex

    Remember that viral email that explained how to get someone to have sex with you just by claiming to be from the future? This viral was turned into a witty little short film by director Torrey Meeks. Prepare to be delighted and… inspired. You dirty dog.