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Ooh! God of Love got an Academy Award! What’s it about?

A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts. Just, you know, one of those ‘let’s talk about life and melt your frosty little heart on a low budget’ plots.

What’s it like?

God of Love is… oh, it’s just so New Yoik. It’s so kinda… Woody Allen. And it’s got a touch of Sideways in it, all understated people being wise and silly and noodley all at the same time.

Also it’s shot in monochrome and it’s got a jazz score. Get the picture, daddy-o?

Who did what for the film?

Written and directed by Luke Matheny. Cinematography by Bobby Webster. Edited by Levi Abrino. Produced by Gigi Dement, Stefanie Walmsley, Ryan Silbert. Starring Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsch, Miguel Rosales, Emily Young.

Why is everyone talking about directory Luke Matheny’s lovely tousled mop of hair?

Maybe because it will one day morph into Tim Burton’s, and is thus the air of a directorial savante… VIEW! VIEW HIS HAIR AND DECIDE!

Are you a short film maker?

If you have a short film on YouTube, get in touch at [email protected] or nominate it below. We’d love to hear from you – maybe your film short could become our next Short Film of the Week!

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