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Released to own on DVD and Blu-ray 4 October 2010

From the acclaimed producer of John Woo’s Red Cliff and Jet Li’s Warlords comes a sweepingly grand biopic of the legendary Chinese philosopher Confucius – the role of the venerable one being played by Chow Yun-Fat in one of the performances of his career.

Chinese epice Confucius delivers on a grand scale, balancing breathtaking spectacle, visceral action and nuanced drama to deliver an epic drenched in richly cinematographic beauty.

In 500 BC, Kong Ze (Confucius), a commoner revered for his outstanding wisdom, is made Minister of Law in the ancient Kingdom of Lu. Under his inspired leadership, Lu ascends to new heights but becomes a target of conquest for the warlike nation of Qi.

The desperate citizens of Lu turn to Confucius to lead their most powerful army. When their greatest teacher delivers a stunning victory against all odds, a jealous aristocracy sets out to duff him up good and proper…

Confucius DVD and Blu-ray release date: October 4 2010.


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Confucius DVD

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