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Competition ends 24th May 2012

Directed by José Ramón Ayerra, and based on Águila Roja, the most popular Spanish television series to have aired in recent years, Kingdom of Blood tells the tale of the enigmatic local hero and skilled swordsman known only as ‘Red Eagle’. To celebrate this epic tale’s release on DVD on the 30th April, we have three copies to give away!

Following a failed assassination attempt in which his only son is blinded, ‘Red Eagle’ seeks to avenge his child by taking up arms against the corrupt Cardinal Mendoza, the man responsible for the attack. The Cardinal, bolstered by the powers of England, Portugal and France, is plotting to overthrow Felipe IV of Spain (Xabier Elorriaga) and bring the country to its knees.

In an ancient world where castles and villages are being razed to the ground, and persecution and conspiracies run rife, only one man can stand in their way. There is no alternative. To save the people, ‘Red Eagle’ must take the fight to the enemy, and he must bring the war to them.

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Which one of these is NOT a type of eagle?

1. Bald Eagle
2. Golden Eagle
3. Eddie the Eagle


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Competition ends 24th May 2012

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