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Example post title: Short Story / Movie comparison: We Can Remember it for You Wholesale / Total Recall

We’re very fond of S-Y-D’s Emma Hutchings because, quite frankly, she’s 100% test-tube geek and was raised in a vat of Soylent Green. SYD film reviews are leftfield and gravitate to the sci-fi/foreign end of the spectrum. If you like Studio Ghibli animation and Korean action films like The Good, The Bad and the Weird this place will feel like a second home.

We’re particularly admiring of the Philip K. Dick blogathon, neatly collated into one category for you to browse through at your leisure. It doesn’t just review the usual film suspects like Bladerunner, Total Recall and A Scanner Darkly. It also compares the short story Second Variety with the film it inspired (Screamers) and all sorts of things. A very nice place to spend a coffee break. Also, fact-lovers, did you know Philip K. Dick used to refer to himself as Horselover Fat? No? Well, you should. It’s a loose translation of his name from greek and german.

It’s also worth noting that Emma is a movie blogista who knows how to write. Huzzah! Her movie credentials are sound – she’s a film studies graduate, putting her money and her future career where her mouth is. To date, she’s also a movie news writer for Flickering Myth.

We think it’s fair to say that, although there are news items here and there, Suspend Your Disbelief is focused primarily on opinion. You will get the latest movie posters and trailers updated from on the right of the page, though.

It’s nice to see someone writing for their own pleasure, and focusing on niche areas that not many other bloggers cover (yep. We’re still all about that Horselover Fat Blogathon).

Suspend Your Disbelief, we salute you!

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