Write Christmas competition

Write Christmas is all about wondering how great our festive film selection could be if we let our collective imaginations run riot. Any ideas will do; from Tim Burton’s unmade fantasy “Twas the Cheekbone before Christmas” to Michael Bay’s never made classic “When Santa Exploded”. So, if you have an unsung Christmas classic in you, it’s time to tell the world. (If you need some inspiration, click here and here – we couldn’t help ourselves.)



LARUSHKA IVAN-ZADEH – Film editor of The Metro (3.5 million readers every weekday)

EMMA KENNEDY – actress (Notes on a Scandal), author, film critic for the Danny Baker show

CLEOLINDA JONES – parody film critic, author, blogger

Our fantastic panel of judges will choose the best entries from a shortlist voted on by you, the reader. The winning entry – the one the judges think is the funniest, most inspired and potentially iconic – will win a fantastic once in a lifetime prize.



First prize: An A1 poster of your made-up movie as imagined by OTM Entertain, the world-famous movie posters team that brought you The Hurt Locker, In The Loop and The Losers. You’d be getting a film poster as good as the ones by OTM Entertain featured in this gallery. Blimey!

Write Christmas - film posters

Your review will also get pride of place on our homepage, along with short notes from our panel of judges saying what they liked about the winning entry, so you can tell the world that you are a published film critic.

Finally, you will get £100 to spend on whatever you choose. Netbook? Parchment and quill? Silk cushions to recline on? As a budding film critic, it’s up to you.


Two runners-up get:

£50 to spend in the shameless manner of their choosing

Publication and a byline on Best For Film



1) Invent a movie. Make sure it has something to do with Christmas. Make it marvellous.

2) Write a review of your imaginary movie. Make it 300-500 words long. Include storyline, director, actors… and, of course, Christmas. Chuck in a tag-line and a star rating for good measure.

3) Email your glorious review to [email protected] with the words “Write Christmas” in the subject line. Multiple entires are welcome, but not more than 5 entries. Closing date for entries is 24 Dec.

4) Attach a picture (263×219 pixels) if you like – we won’t judge any of the entries on their accompanying pic, but it’s sometimes good fun to add a visual!

5) We will send you the link to your published review. As soon as you get your entry’s link, send it to all your friends and family. Get them to like the article and show they’re real friends not just Facebook friends. Why…? Read on.



1) On 24 Dec we will shortlist 6 entries. 3 will be the most popular entries based on the number of facebook likes. 3 will be our critics’ choice. So don’t worry if you have no friends – we’ll be looking for reviews that make us laugh, cry, fear for our jobs as film journalists.

3) The 6 shortlisted entries will be judged by our panel of 3 judges who will decide a final winner.

4) The final winner and two runners-up will be announced on 17th January 2011

If you have any questions or queries about our fantabulous competition, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Now go forth; eat, drink and be merry. But mainly, write that review. Christmas needs you.

See the entries here

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