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  • Hollywood Haikus Competition

    Hollywood Haikus blogging competition ends 23 May. Enter now for your chance to win blog promotion and a Blu-Ray Player! Ever thought to yourself, ‘sure, film reviews are nice and all, but jeepers they’re long and hardly ever have anything to do with traditional Japanese poetry’? Hell, it’s what we got stitched onto the BFF doilies. That’s why we’ve decided to launch our HOLLYWOOD HAIKUS competition!

  • Write Christmas competition

    Enter our marvellous Write Christmas competition! Bored of the same old Hollywood Christmas movies? Us too. Best For Film are launching an epic writing competition this festive season – we want you to write a review of the greatest Christmas film never made.1st prize is £100 and your imagined movie made real with a one-off poster by the mind-blowing design team who brought you The Hurt Locker, In the Loop, The Last Exorcism posters and more. VOTING IS NOW CLOSED!

  • SHORTLIST: The Wrong Kind Of Snow

    “This year the snow’s going up…”
    Many critics say that the London Gangster movie is the last gasp of a dying genre, but Director Ray Burdis breathes new life into it with this sharp, thoughtful comedy/drama that will have you by turns laughing and crying as it takes us on a journey through a family using the spirit of Christmas for redemption while suffering the accidental effects of cocaine.

  • SHORTLIST: Twelve

    If you thought Se7en was scary and spine-chilling then wait until you see David Fincher’s new offering Twelve. Fincher revisits the thriller/horror genre in this film to great effect. The backdrop of a twinkly Christmas against the twisted acts of a serial killer will leave you feeling very unsettled indeed.

  • SHORTLIST: Jihad All The Way

    “Don’t shoot- he has mince pies!” A film entitled “Jihad All The Way” was always going to ruffle a few feathers, but writer and director Chris Morris (the man behind BrassEye and Four Lions) is no stranger to controversy! Did the film live up to the hype, or were the hundreds of PC protesters who braved the snow to wave soggy cardboard around worrying about nothing?

  • SHORTLIST: Snakes On A Sleigh

    Ever the risk-taker, Tarantino hasn’t so much pushed the boundaries of cinema with Snakes On A Sleigh as squashed them flat. 54% of test audience members reportedly fainted, and three critics were taken to hospital in a catatonic state after it screened at Cannes.