Short Film of the Week – The Commuter

Here at Best For Film we’re suckers for nostalgia. Whether we’re clucking over baby pictures, mooning around to tunes from our teenage years or just mourning the loss of the quieter, happier age when Katie Price could have been hit by a cement lorry without anyone giving a toss, there’s nothing (except for films) that gets us going like reliving times past.

With that in mind, you can well imagine how excited we get at the prospect of film-based nostalgia! Disregarding the fact that we’re all too young to actually remember the good old days when cinemas actually programmed a programme of entertainment, we’re pushing for a return to a glorious tradition which has almost died out – the screening of a short film before your regularly scheduled feature. Pixar fans are still treated to idiosyncratic shorts before each new film, it’s true, but they’re just showing off.

The gradual extinction of the pre-feature film short simply will not do. So we, in our own special way, are bringing back the short – not as an oddity to be shown at specialised festivals or as the oldest item in any director’s portfolio, but as proper old-fashioned mass entertainment. (You’re the masses, for the record). That’s why we’ll be hosting a new short film every week to remind the viewing public that in celluloid terms, size doesn’t matter at all. Kicking off what we’re sure will shortly become a cult online series is The Commuter, the superb short from Ed and Rory ‘Jackboots on Whitehall‘ McHenry. Filmed entirely on the versatile Nokia N8 and starring Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson and Ed Westwick, it’s well worth a watch. Enjoy, and don’t forget there’s still time to visit the concessions stand!

Are you a short film maker?

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