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Times are tricky, money is short, you can’t just go and see any old thing on the blind hope that you wont have wasted the better part of a tenner (or in the case of 3D, the better part of a thousand pounds). We bring you the low-down on the latest releases, so you can make sure that you spend right! Enjoy!

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Alice In Wonderland

5th march alice
A film that needs no introduction. It’s finally here! After months of promos, massive arguments between Disney and UK cinemas and the biggest marketing push since Avatar, Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is actually hitting our screens. Initial reviews seem to be pretty bloody brilliant, with the only thing letting it down being a slightly C.S. Lewis-esque plot, and we can’t deny that we’re more excited than a fat kid in a lard factory. A very important date, indeed.

Anticipation Rating: 5/5

Case 39

5th march case 39
Renee Zellweger stars in this horror as Emily Jenkins, a social worker assigned to a very odd case. Lilith, a ten year old girl, is put in her care after her parents try to kill her. Emily takes her in, and very odd things begin happening in her home. Slowly the young social worker begins to suspect that the young girl may be concealing a darker side, and perhaps even demonic tendencies. This seems to be a very silly shock fest, with most critics stating that it’s not worth your time. Sorry Renee.

Anticipation Rating: 1/5


5th march Legion
God has lost faith in humanity. It’s time for some serious apocalyptic action, Angel Gabriel style. Paul Bettany stars as the main-angel in this cheery quest to destroy all humans, and there’s only one un-born child that can save us all. With scenes of wings being cut off, angels with machine guns and a serious lack of love for the human race, we can’t help but think Legion sounds an un-funny but blast-tastic Dogma, so we’re trying to stay hopeful. Which is more than we can say for God…

Anticipation Rating: 2/5


5th march Motherhood
Uma Thurman stars in this ‘day in the life of a mom’ comedy, centering on the conflicts and sacrifices a modern mum has to make for her family. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year to mixed reviews, but if Lady Uma is involved, we figure it’s well worth a look. She’s not a woman to enter into a project lightly. Even if the central theme is “what it means to be a mom”. Hmmm.

Anticipation Rating: 2/5


5th march Ondine
This seems like an odd little drama; a tale of a fisherman who thinks the girl he meets is in fact a mermaid. Her presence stirs up relationships in a small Irish town, especially when rumours abound that a mysterious man is looking for her. But what is her story, really? Colin Farrell stars, so it’ll be nice to see what he’s been doing all this time. And it’ll be great to watch see a proper Irish film, seeing as we’re still reeling from the horrors of Leap Year.

Anticipation Rating: 3


5th march chloe
Here are two words we wish we got to say more often: Erotic thriller. Whatever happened to erotic thrillers? Well apparently, Chloe can re-ignite the fire, with a tale of a young female escort caught in the middle of a married couple’s feud. It stars Amanda Seyfried – who is like, so hot right now – as the escort paid by a wife (Julianne Moore) to out her husband’s (Liam Neeson) cheating, and is guaranteed to be a steamy look at how far people go to expose the ones they love.

Anticipation Rating: 4/5

Exit Through The Gift Shop

5th march exit
Shhh. It’s all like, secret and stuff. Crazy Old Banksy. The famous graffiti artist premiered his first film at this year’s Sundance, and by all accounts it seemed to go down well. Though that may be due to his signature “pop up out of nowhere” style than filmic substance. The film follows a film-maker determined to follow Banksy, who begins to get followed by Banksy himself… We’re a bit confused. But we’re intrigued. Will it live up to the underground hype?

Anticipation Rating: 4/5

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