Sacha Baron Cohen Dropped From Oscars

Crimety, people are getting banned from the cinematic event of the year left, right and centre. First a Hurt Locker producer is dis-invited for vote-mongering, and now it seems like Sacha Baron Cohen has been given his marching orders too. At least they have each other.

Cohen planned to present an award with Ben Stiller, but the idea was dropped after it was revealed that the comedy duo planned an Avatar skit which involved Sacha dressing up like a female Na’vi and pretending to be pregnant with James Cameron’s baby. Apparently that’s not funny. Although it quite clearly is.

Cameron isn’t famed for his sense of humour according to an insider at New York magazine, who stated “Let’s just say that Cameron isn’t known to be, shall we say, self-deprecating”

We think it’s a bit of a shame, as Sacha would have brought some much needed light relief to what seems to be becoming an increasingly tense evening. Hurt Locker vs Avatar- it’s a fight to the death!

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