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  • John Dies At The End

    Who are you going to call when that guy you murdered returns your axe, your door-handle turns into a penis or you’re saved from near-certain death by your girlfriend’s dog? John Dies At The End may not have the answer, but it does have about a million other equally important questions.

  • Fire in the Blood

    Fire in the Blood is a documentary about injustice. The unjust decision to favour the maintenance of profits over the maintenance of people; the unjust decision to allow millions of lives to be extinguished while counting up the value of profits achieved by making that decision. It is about how while the light went out of the eyes of millions who could have been kept with us, some of their fellow human beings battled against the prevailing dark. Justice is a light that profit attempts to extinguish, but it survives undimmed as long as some people know what it is. Fire in the Blood is an attempt to make people remember.

  • TGIM! Sundance London

    “Oh no, it’s Monday and the rain’s come tumbling down and not even Russell Crowe in his big new boat can save me from drowning in April malaise and literal water.” Button your lip, nay-sayer! Robert Redford just rode into town with a holster full of Sundance; there’s never been a better reason to pull on an anorak and brave the storm. Thank God it’s Monday!